National Quality Assessment Scheme

The raising of standards is crucial to ensuring the New Forest area competes effectively on the world stage and ensures many of our visitors’ return.

GNF fully supports the National Quality Assessment Scheme, managed and run by VisitEngland and the AA. 


GNF Quality Assessment Scheme

GNF also runs its own local Quality Assessment Scheme which has been nationally Accredited by VisitEngland.

GNF recommends that all businesses adopt either the national or local scheme as they provide a valued, independent view and assessment of your business.  This independent view can bring a real insight and excellent advice to assist you with running and developing your business. All businesses who participate in one of the above schemes are denoted by the logo and, where appropriate national grading.

However, it is recognised that for some businesses there may not be the business based justification for using these schemes and in these circumstances GNF will allow such businesses into membership, advertise/promote and engage with them on related GNF activities. Businesses that wish to use this ‘non-assessed’ approach can apply to GNF providing they are willing to comply with and sign the attached Charter.

It must be noted the GNF reserves the right to refuse or withdraw membership if the accommodation is felt to be unsuitable or if more than one complaint is made about it and upheld after an investigation. Its decision is final with no further communication being entered into.